The Candidate Benefit Statement.

At the beginning of this year, we launched version 7.10 of our software. With each update, we add a spark – a term we use for innovations within our services. This time it is the Candidate Benefit Statement. We have been helping organisations to retain employees by informing them about their personal reward package for years. With the Candidate Benefit Statement, we have started the road of attracting and convincing talent.

With the current shortage on the labour market, it is important to stand out to potential employees. It is important to be able to make an offer quickly. But also to provide clarity for the candidate. For example, information concerning the contract, personal terms of employment or regulations and the core values of the organisation must be easy to find.

With the Candidate Benefit Statement, or CBS for short, we offer HR professionals the possibility to generate an offer for a potential employee in no time. The offer can contain all kinds of elements such as personal arrangements, terms of employment and core values of the organisation in order to convince a candidate. The offer is also delivered in your desired house style so that it also contributes to your employer branding.

The CBS can be easily generated with the help of a few input fields. This not only prevents input errors, but ensures that everyone always works in the same template and minimises repetitive work. Due to a short implementation period, we can act quickly and bring the CBS live in a short time. This allows you to get straight down to work drawing up offers and convincing candidates.

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