Harmonising isn’t harmony.

Harmonisation, in my opinion, is a myth. And for an unknown reason.

We harmonise people every day in building professional or private relationships, we harmonise other cooperations on a daily basis, our kids – as we – (dis)instinctively do this likewise.

When it comes to harmonising labour conditions, all parties involved become nervous and recked up. Whilst in essence, the principle is the same.

Harmonising is finding a way to align multiple interests. All successful relationships have found a way to cope with this. others end in conflict, divorce, litigation or war.

The intelligent among us (the majority) are coping and avoid arguments and encourage building.

The rationale behind this is clear; no individual enjoys a conflict, all individuals thrive on harmony. But we still have these conflicts.

For me, the key is mutual understanding. . In every discussion, my main concern is the interest of the other party. If the other party’s main concern is my interest, we will easily harmonise.

In other words: if you care about me, I will care about you. The basis for any good relationship.

By Bas Ossewaarde on April 5 2022