Harmonisation of labour conditions.

Harmonisation of labour conditions comes with great challenges and affect employees as much as employers. In this video we explain what challenges you can encounter as a business, as well as how we operate to guide in such a process.

Harmonisation, here is why.

Harmonisation of labour conditions has become a hot topic, resulting from an increase in M&A-activity compared to the past year. It can be challenging and time-consuming to accomplish clarity regarding the changes for those affected. Hence the importance of bespoke, step-by-step guidance.

The challenge for organisations is to ensure that the costs which come with the harmonisation are calculated, as well as the individual effects for the employees’ reward packages. Often there is a lot of ambiguity regarding the occurring costs when merging several reward packages.

Employees may have questions or concerns about the upcoming changes in their personal reward package and want to feel involved in matters concerning their organisation. To ensure a sound harmonisation, communication on an individual level about the changes to the reward package is crucial.

How we can help.

We offer guidance during the process of harmonisation. Firstly, we collaboratively select the labour conditions that form the new reward package. After selecting the new terms, we use data-driven scenarios to calculate various costs and benefits of the harmonisation. These scenarios provide a clear picture of the short- and long-term effects and contribute to making an informed decision.

The way we help our clients communicate effectively to their employees about a harmonisation is by generating an individual overview for each employee. This overview contains a summary of the labour conditions affected by the harmonisation, including their monetary change before and after the harmonisation. The overview can also contain a personal message from a department within the organisation, such as HR, or additional information regarding the harmonisation. This strengthens employers in their reward communication and relieves HR from tasks such as compiling personal statements and informing employees one-by-one.

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