2023 in features

As you can expect from us, we are constantly working on improving our products and services. We would like to show you what we were particularly pleased with in 2023 ourselves.

Management of roles and permissions

It has always been possible to assign different roles and permissions to various users. Starting from version 7.15, a significant improvement has been made to simplify the management of these roles and permissions for you as a user. If you wish to grant specific additional rights to users for content modification, you can now assign and revoke these rights yourself, a task that previously required the intervention of a consultant. Additionally, you can find audit logs here, documenting any changes made.

Another enhanced feature is the ability to log in as one of the Inspire users. This can be particularly useful when you need to verify the data (or choices) of an employee for accuracy or provide support.


The latest significant developments may not be visible on the surface but are crucial for the operation and connection with our clients. We have set up Snowflake datasource integration and implemented the Raet File API.

Chart types

With various new chart types, it is even easier to visualize your data as of version 7.17. After all, who doesn’t enjoy creating beautiful things?

Different chart types

Scheduled actions

A frequently requested functionality is continuously expanding the timing of actions within the application. The feature allowing both imports and exports to be done at scheduled times without human intervention is already in use by multiple clients.

From version 7.16 onward, it is also possible to perform calculations at predefined times. This ensures that everyone has access to the most recent data at any time.