Client: Select HR with the inspire solution
Consultant: Marian Vonk

Select HR was looking for the right tool to reward its employees flexibly

Select HR is a Belgian organisation passionate about and by people, with a focus on quality. Select HR is an HR total service provider with recruitment, HR consultancy and employability. They not only want to offer quality and flexibility to their clients, but also to their employees. That is why Select HR was looking for a tool to introduce flexible rewards in order to be able to communicate with its employees about flexible terms of employment and let them choose for themselves.

The flexibility and personal approach were the deciding factors for Select HR to join forces with Pointlogic HR and opt for inspire.

Reasoning from the point of view of the employee
The emphasis was on the employees’ own reasoning for the implementation of their flexible terms of employment:

  • which steps do they have to go through in order to apply?
  • which choices do they have?
  • how do they quickly gain insight?
  • how do you reward them on a tailor-made basis?
  • how do we increase their purchasing power?

inspire met their wishes to be distinctive towards their employees, to bind and engage them and to be able to communicate about the flexible terms of employment appropriate to their stage of life.

Country and language independent
Select HR chose for a bilingual implementation (Dutch and French) for inspire. Because inspire offers a high degree of flexibility, it does not matter which legislation or language forms the basis and can be easily adjusted.

The implementation took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result of which not only the components of the employment conditions package, but also the priorities within Select HR, were examined. Are the bicycle lease, fuel card and buying extra holiday hours still relevant in times of the pandemic?

Result: Happy employees!
The implementation has been somewhat delayed by Corona, but the result is no less. Select HR now offers its employees remuneration tailored to the individual needs of the employee, which also increases their purchasing power. The employees react enthusiastically and the HR department is looking forward to the future, in which they will have to do less work!

It was a fascinating, interesting and fun project. Thanks to the good cooperation and short decision lines, we were able to make the employees very happy and thus achieve a very good result together.

Marian Vonk, Consultant Pointlogic HR