Hasselt/Rotterdam,. March 3, 2020

From the thought of making “employee engagement” even more possible, an integration of Pointlogic HR’s Reward Communication platform with the benefits platform of Corporate Benefits has been made possible.

By offering these solutions combined, the users of the inspire Reward Communication portal will now also be able to utilize the extensive benefits ‘Benefits at Work’ contains.
Namely, the substantial collective purchasing discounts from reputable providers.

This step is a logical step in the strategy of both companies. Pointlogic HR wants to help employees better understand their reward and tailor it to their personal situation. Offering Benefits at Work gives an employee even more freedom of choice and is an extension of the terms of employment.

For Corporate Benefits, they have set themselves the goal of allowing as many employees as possible at companies large or small, to benefit from exclusive employee discounts.

Both companies are already successfully active in both the Dutch and Belgian market.

Bas Ossewaarde, Group Director Pointlogic HR: “The Benefits at Work solution fits in perfectly with our philosophy that we want to value employees more and show how they are valued. inspire is also designed for this and Benefits at Work is a very welcome addition.”

Len Goossens, General Manager Corporate Benefits: “Driven by market demands, our solutions have come together. inspire and Benefits at Work fit together in a very natural way.”

For further information: www.pointlogichr.com and www.corporate-benefits.eu