Pointlogic and TNO

Understanding and pleasant

TNO is the largest research organisation in the Netherlands. Working on innovations and solving societal problems such as energy transition and a healthy and safe society is central to them. Since the autumn of 2021 TNO has been using Imagine.

“We contacted Pointlogic thanks to a recommendation from someone who already works with the program,” begins Martin de Jong, corporate controller at TNO. “We were looking for a program that could calculate scenarios in simulations to see what the effects of certain choices would be. We wanted to avoid making a choice that later turned out to have an undesirable outcome. We had two important cases that we wanted to let loose in this model to see what influence they have on the net salary developments: the change in the mobility policy and the new pension legislation.”

Calculating scenarios

“At the end of spring 2021 we started talking to Pointlogic, in the summer everything was installed and implemented and we started training. There we came across a small flaw, which was nobody’s fault. Part of the training was given online because of the COVID measures. You look at the screen where someone is demonstrating everything and think ‘yes, very logical, I understand that’. Until you have to do it yourself and it turns out to be more complicated than you thought. You just have to work on it yourself to get the hang of it.”

“Pointlogic dealt with this very understandingly, and when we were allowed to come back to the office, the online part of the face-to-face training was given once again.”

Understanding and pleasant

“Understanding, that is how I would describe Pointlogic. They understand that a program or even the whole matter can be new to you, so they take the time and answer all your questions. Explaining the software is a skill in itself, and not many people are given to do this well and clearly. But these people clearly have a lot of experience, are well versed in the material and are able to explain it in a very pleasant, clear way. They are clearly dedicated specialists.”


“The programme is used intensively a few times a year, and the rest of the year we let it rest. In November of 2021 all training courses were completed, but we have not yet used the programme ourselves. However, in the training courses, we have already set up the model with a simulation and the model does exactly what I had hoped. So I am confident that it will work well and play an important role in labour negotiations.”

We were looking for a programme that could calculate scenarios in simulations to see what the effects of certain choices would be.

Martin de Jong, TNO