Predictable labour costs,                                  now and in the future.

A powerful simulation tool for dynamic entrepreneurs

Budgeting for labor costs is a task many employers find taxing – this will come as no surprise to anyone. A multitude of factors determine the budget and the terms involved: changes in labour conditions, growth and redundancy scenarios, bonus packages, absence management, etc. With Imagine, there’s no longer any need to spend time manually collecting, processing, analysing or reporting this information. Get ready to join the future of HR.

  • Use figures to support your strategy
  • Detailed insight into your remuneration system
  • General overview of all data
  • Personalised calculations

Wage costs: a blind spot or not?

The entrepreneurial landscape is constantly changing – as is your business. In such a dynamic environment, predicting future costs in a reliable way is a complex issue. Imagine is an intelligent tool that offers insight into your current labour costs and calculates the effects of current and future developments.