SD Worx announced a strategic partnership with Vlerick Business School to boost digitalization in the HR world. The main objective of the partnership is to research digital ecosystems and channels, exploring the potential for different platform models that connect employers and employees. Steve Muylle, professor and partner at Vlerick Business School, stated the following: “According to scientific research, companies that deploy digital platform models are performing better financially than conventional players. They build up a sustainable, competitive advantage, together with their complementary partners, by offering a broader and better digital client experience.”

The importance of these platforms keeps rising due to other developments as well. As stated in the article: “Employee expectations are high due to the level of hyper-personalisation to which they have become accustomed in their personal lives, with services such as Netflix and Spotify. These examples create high expectations among users to have everything available at their fingertips at work as well.”. Employees demand a user-friendly and personalized (online) environment to gain insight to work-related data, such as their total salary.

“Digital platform models are not limited to online software or services, hardware or e-commerce and social media. They also cover other worlds such as mobility, accommodation, entertainment and news.”

The use of digital platforms can be a great way to improve the employee experience, especially with regard to the growing importance of Reward Communication. Employees often lack the knowledge of what elements their total reward exists of, which results in them not fully appreciating all the benefits their employer offers. According to Vlerick Business School’ research on Reward Communication, enhancing this knowledge is the main reason companies chose to implement a Total Reward Statement, often by using a digital platform. Researching the potential of these platforms will help us understand how these platforms should be used to optimize this (online) employee experience. Ultimately, it will enable us to connect employers and employees better, which will add value to the SD Worx proposition.

As part of the SD Worx Group, we are looking forward to the valuable insights that the newly announced partnership will bring.

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