Project Description

Client satisfaction survey 2021 – results and looking forward

In October, we shared our first client satisfaction survey with our customers. On the one hand, this survey was a great opportunity for us to measure what people think about Pointlogic. On the other hand, even more valuable for us, it was a great moment to gather feedback to be able to serve our clients even better in the future.

The results are in, the responses have been analysed and the results are impressive! Our Dutch and international clients rate us with an average of 8.7. A results we are very proud of!

Client satisfaction meter

What will we do with the feedback we have received?

From the analysis of all responses, these two points jumped out at us where we can improve:

  • Need for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
  • Pointlogic’s accessibility for support during the absence of consultants

We are very happy with this feedback and in the coming weeks we will develop a FAQ with common questions that we answer for our clients. We will also draw up a plan for our accessibility.

Our clients will be informed about the result.