A big relief: from paper to digital

Imagine this: It’s December, two hundred paper forms are lying on the desk of one P&O employee. Please process all of them before January 1st. It’s time consuming, the chance of mistakes is imminent and paper is something of past times anyway.

“We’ve been working happily with Cobra – a digital HRM- and payroll system – for years now,” Maike Tito, advisor at Talis, starts off. “But the requests for the cafetariaplan of the secondary labor conditions were still handled in hardcopy. We knew there had to be another, digital, way. That’s the question we asked Pointlogic.”

Fulfilled expectation

The Inspire system went live in December 2020 to process the requests for 2021. “All changes lead to a bit of resistance. Changes at Talis are no exception to that.

But in the Inspire project, that resistance was minimal. The big advantage is that this system is very similar to Cobra in terms of implementation and user experience, a system we already use.

Pointlogic really went out of their way to make it as simple and clear as possible. The most heard feedback was what a relief this system was. Coming from both employees who submitted their requests and the employee that didn’t have piles of paper on her desk anymore. It was in every way what we expected it to be.”

Contact without noise

“We had one person to contact at Pointlogic, just like Talis had one person that kept in touch with Pointlogic. That worked really well. Quick arrangements, no noise from others, not having to explain the situation over and over again. And as a bonus, we never had “No” for an answer. Whenever we asked something that wasn’t possible the answer always was “no, but we can solve it this way […]” and they proposed an alternative. They were cooperative and helpful all along the way.”

It was in every way what we expected it to be.

Maike Tito, Talis

After the first year of trialing, there are obviously some tweaks to be made. “Those are of course already lined up and we are confident that when December comes, everything will be ready for another round of choices.”

There is also a new question already. “Every year in January the career development budget is allocated. This is done using a calculation tool in an Excel sheet, a system that is somewhere between paper and digital. It’s not a dynamic document, has no Cobra integration and has to be reuploaded at every iteration. For us, this will be the next step in our digitalization, for Pointlogic this will be a pilot project.”