On March 6, Unbox and Pointlogic HR have signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement enables Unbox to support its current and future clients even better in optimising their terms of employment and providing insight into the consequences of policy choices.

The payroll scenario solution of Pointlogic HR has been jointly set up by Unbox and Pointlogic HR to meet Unbox’s specific requirements, enabling Unbox to easily provide its current and future clients with detailed insight into future payroll costs as a result of planned modernisations. This modernisation of employment conditions is very topical in Belgium and many organisations are already working on it, or will have to do so in the near future.

Johan Defevere: “Pointlogic’s portfolio is a welcome addition to our existing services and will help us to help our clients oversee the consequences of policy choices early on in the process.”

Bas Ossewaarde: “The cooperation with Unbox is a further confirmation that our services and solutions are also very popular in Belgium. After an established market leader position in the Netherlands, nothing seems to stand in the way of an identical position in Belgium.”


Pointlogic HR helps organisations find the optimal balance between employer costs and employee benefits. These worlds are being brought together by means of data-driven software solutions. Connecting reward and value is our passion. (www.pointlogichr.com)

Unbox is a service provider that helps organisations transform the way we look at work, the organisation of work, the reward of work and the way people develop in their work. (www.unbox.work)